Dr. Michael Poss

Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Management Expert

Dr. Michael J. Poss, a compassionate healer and visionary in the realm of Interventional Pain Management, has dedicated his illustrious career to enhancing the lives of countless individuals suffering from chronic pain. With over 25 years of clinical experience and double board-certifications in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Management, Dr. Poss has earned a reputation as a leading expert in his field.

His journey began at Wake Forest University, where he embarked on a path of academic excellence that would later pave the way for remarkable contributions to the medical community. After completing his medical education, Dr. Poss served as a United States Naval Medical Officer, where he honed his medical skills and developed an unwavering commitment to patient care.

Throughout his career, Dr. Poss has held prestigious positions at renowned medical institutions, including serving as the past President of the Virginia Society of Interventional Pain Physicians. His leadership and dedication have earned him recognition as one of the “150 Pain Management Physicians to Know” by Becker’s ASC Review.

Beyond his exceptional credentials, Dr. Poss believes in the power of aesthetics in healing, understanding that pain relief goes hand-in-hand with restoring self-esteem and confidence. His compassionate approach has brought smiles to countless faces as he helps patients not only alleviate pain but also rediscover their inner vitality.

Professional Credentials

Educational Background:

    • Doctorate of Medicine, Wake Forest University Baptist School of Medicine
    • Residency Training in Anesthesiology, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
    • Internship in Family Medicine, Naval Hospital, Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL
    • Graduate Studies in Biochemistry, North Carolina State University
    • Bachelor of Zoology, North Carolina State University


    • Medical Director, Culpeper Surgery Center and Director of the Pain Management Division of Blue Ridge Anesthesia and Pain Services, PLLC, Culpeper, VA
    • Co-Director, Pain Management Division of Anesthesia Associates of Roanoke, Inc., Roanoke, VA
    • Virginia Regenerative Medicine & Spa, Marshall, VA (Jul 2018-present)
    • Valley Pain Consultants (previously a division of Virginia Brain and Spine Center Inc.), Winchester, VA (Jan 2005 – Jun 2023)
    • Blue Ridge Orthopedic Spine Center, Warrenton, VA (Jun 2023-present)

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